U.S. export controls and sanctions update and the implications of U.S.-China trade tensions on businesses in Asia

23 August 2023

What are the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Asia amidst growing geopolitical and US-China trade tensions?

How should executives align business decisions to minimise risks and exposures arising from recent developments in US export controls and sanctions?

This WTS Taxise client event features US-based international trade and compliance specialist and WTS Taxise consultant Karmi Leiman and WTS Taxise Co-Founder and Principal Eugene Lim. Karmi and Eugene will focus on the following topics:

  • Update on U.S. export controls and sanctions developments
  • Implications of the U.S.-China trade tensions on businesses in Asia
  • Case studies on developing a trade compliance programme

This 2.5 hour in-person session is highly relevant to C-suite executives, Tax, Trade and Compliance professionals with interests or responsibilities involving Asia, China and the US. For a more tailored and confidential discussion, please click here to request a 15-20-minute session with our trade and compliance specialists.

Eugene Lim
Eugene Lim
Co-Founder and Principal, WTS Taxise
Karmi Leiman
Karmi Leiman
Consultant, International Trade and Compliance, WTS Taxise

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