WTS Global Academy

WTS Global Academy is the initial building block of an ambitious Human Resources architecture and a holistic training concept that we are envisioning for WTS Global for the next 3-5 years.

It encompasses all regions and all career levels and consists of both physical and online trainings.

We truly believe that development of people in the context of our global network will be a distinguishing factor to become ‘best in class’ and to get the best out of our people.

We also believe that giving our employees the opportunity to further invest in personal development will contribute towards building an even stronger position in our respective markets and the creation of an integrated global network reinforced with a shared professional ethos.

The range of services offered by WTS Global Academy includes:

  • Programs on behaviour and soft skills (e.g. leadership trainings, workshops, coaching groups)
  • Technical knowledge trainings across all service lines
  • Lectures, podcasts, reading groups

In June 2020, we launched WTS Global Academy by offering 2 soft skills trainings (Communication Skills and Advisory Skills), 3 workshops on coping with COVID-19 related disruptions and 2 coaching groups.

In total, 100 professionals from 24 countries took part into these trainings.

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