Managing tax disputes effectively: an ex-IRAS tax litigator offers practical tips and suggestions for businesses (in-person event)

Thursday, 29 September 2022
9.45 – 11.00 AM (Singapore Time)

The increasing pressure on tax authorities to raise tax revenue collections puts businesses in an increasingly complex environment. With tax disputes likely to become a more common occurrence, how should senior executives and tax leaders formulate decisions to help navigate regulatory uncertainties and effectively resolve tax disputes?

Ex-IRAS tax litigator and WTS Taxise Senior Associate HanFeng Ma will lead the discussion on tax dispute management and resolution in the post-pandemic context. HanFeng will share practical tips and suggestions for navigating tax disputes effectively covering the following areas:

  • Tax disputes – why it matters to you and what makes tax disputes unique?
  • Tax Disputes – Common Areas
  • Overview of the life cycle of a tax dispute
  • Pre-Audit/Investigation Intervention
  • Managing Audits/Investigations
  • Civil Tax Litigation – an overview
  • Criminal Tax Litigation – an overview
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
  • Other general tips and pointers
Our Speaker(s)
HanFeng Ma
HanFeng Ma
Senior Associate, WTS Taxise