Webinar: Energy and Consumption Tax: New official forms for tax registrations and tax reliefs in 2020 (in German)
Effects of the Corona crisis on the Application Process

24.04.2020 | 12.05.2020
10:00 – 11:00 | 09:00 – 11:00

We cordially invite you to our webinar on “Energy and Consumption Tax: New Official Forms for Tax Declarations and Tax Reliefs 2020 – Effects of the Corona Crisis on the Application Process”, which is held in German language.

The Corona virus quickly plunged the German economy into a crisis. The German government has decided to take far-reaching measures to mitigate the economic impact of the pandemic. Excise duties, e.g. Energy tax, electricity tax, alcohol tax, and air traffic tax can be applied for to defer the effects of the corona crisis, tax deferrals, postponement of enforcement and the adjustment of advance payments. As state support measures, emergency aid is subject to the requirements of EU state aid law. The crisis can also lead to a classification as a company in difficulty according to the official form 1139. It is currently under discussion whether this will result in the loss of tax breaks for energy and electricity taxes.

In addition, the regular application requirements for energy and electricity tax continue to be met. The customs administration has so far not granted any general deadlines for tax declarations and tax relief applications due to the Corona crisis. At the turn of 2019/2020, the customs administration extensively revised the official forms in the area of ​​energy and electricity tax. The new concept for the implementation of forms by the General Customs Directorate is intended to reduce the programming effort for the IT project MoeVe Zoll 2016 and the adjustment effort when the legal framework changes. The forms are mainly based on clear and reusable decision questions (yes / no). In addition, they already have field functions that guide the applicant in completing them.


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Bertil Kapff
Bertil Kapff
Manager, Certified Tax Consultant